About Me

Mark Rofe - Digital PR Specialist

Hi, I’m Mark, and I worked at one of the UK’s fastest-growing digital PR agencies, before leaving to launch an online Christmas tree delivery business.

I’ve personally been featured or had my work featured in thousands of publications, and my face beamed on TV screens to millions across the world.

So there’s a chance you’ve come across a piece of work I’ve touched or a shenanigan of mine.

I know how to get links and media coverage, and I’m excited to show you everything I've learned so you can too.

What Others Are Saying

“I binged through your course today, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The pace, visuals, and structure made it very easy to follow. Additionally, the abundance of examples from your own campaigns and others elevated my experience to a new level while also increasing the credibility of your approach. I'm eager to apply your lessons and achieve some excellent coverage for our clients at KindMark.”

Michael Ofei - Co-Founder of KindMark

“Mark has years of practical experience doing Digital PR successfully and he distills this information in a very informative yet digestible way. He takes you through the entire process from ideation to pitching and gives you practical ways of implementing a campaign whether you work in a 20 person team in an agency or are the sole PR in a company.”

Karim Adib - Digital PR & Outreach Specialist

“Anyone sitting on the fence, I thought I knew enough about digital PR - I'm only halfway in and there's loads of nuggets and it's a great refresher too! Thanks Mark - great course.”

Kerryn Fields - Public Relations Consultant

“Can always improve on ideation and mark helped us do just that. Highly recommend it.”

Ricky Davies - Managing Director

Course 1: Ideation and Creation

Ideas are fuelled by consumption, not creativity

  • Ideas are the backbone of Digital PR, and make or break a campaign. Yet, while it’s considered to be the most difficult aspect, the investment in training to get better at it is often neglected.

  • You may think you’re unable to come up with ideas because you’re not ‘creative’. When the truth is, you were just probably never taught how.

  • Through examples, you’ll identify the patterns of successful campaigns, and learn the thought processes required to come up with more ideas, and better ideas that work.

Ideation and Creation Modules

1. Introduction

Learn everything you need to know before you start building links with Digital PR. Like, wtf is digital PR, how does it differ from regular ole PR, and why the heck are we all so obsessed with links anyway?

2. Going Viral

We’ll be going through examples of campaigns that went so global that even your mum was talking about them. We’ll break them down and take them apart to reveal the ‘formula’ that makes stories go viral.

3. Coming Up With Campaign Ideas

Ideas are fuelled by consumption, not creativity. Through countless examples, you’ll learn to identify patterns that make a campaign work and the thought processes required to conceive your own ideas.

4. Campaign Formats

You’ll get an overview of how to execute five tried and tested campaign types or formats that agencies regularly use to score their client's those sweet sweet links.

Course 2: The Digital PR Course

The full end-to-end course covering ideation, creation, prospecting, press releases, pitching and more.

  • Once you’ve got your campaign idea nailed and created, digital PR becomes a set of straightforward processes that basically anyone can follow.

  • You’ll learn the tips and tricks to identify journalists and publications who are likely to cover your story, without the need for pricey media databases.

  • You’ll be armed with templates and tools to ensure your story gets cut through and attention in a journalist’s ever-increasingly crowded inbox.

The Digital PR Course Modules

Get everything included in the ideation and creation course, plus the following modules.

5. Campaign Optimisation 

You’ll learn the minor tweaks you can make to your campaign that’ll increase the odds of securing links, boost SEO effectiveness, and provide efficiencies that’ll help when it comes to writing your press release and pitching.

6. Creating Your Media List 

Learn the techniques to discover writers that will cover your story without the need for journo relationships, and how to obtain the contact details of journalists without spending on pricey media databases.

7. Writing Your Press Release 

Get inside the mind of a journalist to understand how they think, work and write, and with this knowledge employ digital marketing principles and psychological hacks to create a press release that delivers.

8. Pitching Your Story 

Learn the tools to easily tailor and personalise your release to be sent to hundreds of journalists. You’ll be guided through what to say, when to outreach and what to expect, and I share my personal tips to grab journalists' attention.


  • Is this a theoretical course?

    The course contains some theoretical elements necessary for background context and understanding, but it is not a theoretical course.

    It’s definitely useful to learn theory, but on its own, it’s not much use because it needs to be translated and applied.

  • How is the course presented?

    The course is presented as a still video presentation and audio voiceover. Which I believe is the best format to learn for a course of this nature!

  • Do I have to start the course on a specific date or time?

    No, you can start the course whenever you’d like!

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You’ll have access to the course for a year (365 days) it won't auto renew, and you can expect more content and lessons to be added over time.

  • How long will the course take me?

    The Ideation and Creation course is approximately 90 minutes, while the Digital PR Course is around 4 hours.

  • I am evaluating this for our team, do you offer group discounts?

    Please email Mark directly at [email protected] to learn more about group discounts.

  • How do I get in contact with you?

    You can reach Mark by emailing [email protected]